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Effortless, secure, quick money transfers within the country. Simplify transactions with Robnu's seamless service.

Transfer advantage

Easy Domestic Money Transfer service benefits with Robnu

Swift, secure transfers with Robnu - simplify domestic transactions for a seamless financial experience.

Minimum Charge
Minimum Charges

Transfer funds seamlessly to any Indian bank, ensuring convenience and accessibility for users.

Encrypted Network
Encrypted Network

Enjoy attractive commissions on every transaction, maximizing your financial gains effortlessly.

Transfer Funds any Banks
Transfer any Indian bank

Our encrypted network guarantees secure and confidential money transfers for ultimate peace of mind.

Attractive Commissions
Attractive Commission

Experience the ease of domestic money transfers with minimal charges, optimizing cost-effectiveness for users.

Robnu's Online Money Transfer Solutions

Robnu proudly offers seamless Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) services, catering to the diverse needs of India's underbanked, unbanked, and migrant populations through our extensive network of dedicated agents. Our platform is designed for both customer convenience and agent efficiency.

Robnu's agents are strategically located across India, ensuring accessible money transfer services in every region.
Experience instant cash transfers with online remittance solutions. Senders receive immediate confirmation messages, adding peace of mind to every transaction.
Our Domestic Money Transfer services are operational round-the-clock, including public holidays, ensuring you can send money whenever needed.
Accessible through all major bank branches, our services offer unparalleled convenience for customers.
Security is paramount at Robnu. Every transaction is safeguarded, and receipts are readily available on our secure money transfer portal.
Agent Network
Empower Agents with Secure Transfers
Robnu empowers agents to facilitate domestic money transfers securely and efficiently. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of tools and resources, ensuring agents can handle transactions with ease and reliability. By joining our network, agents gain access to a user-friendly interface, real-time transaction tracking, and robust support, enhancing their service capability in domestic money transfers.
Retailer Access
Retailers Transforming Money Transfers
Retailers can revolutionize their services with Robnu's domestic money transfer solutions. Our system is designed for ease of use, providing retailers with a hassle-free way to offer money transfer services to their customers. With features like quick setup, seamless transaction processing, and secure handling, retailers can expand their service offerings, attracting more customers and increasing revenue opportunities.
Transfer Feature

Expeditious Transfers, Secure Nationwide Transactions with Robnu's

Reliable domestic money transfers ensuring speed and security for seamless financial transactions across the nation.

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Nationwide Coverage
Extensive network, ensuring widespread accessibility for domestic money transfers across the entire country.
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Efficient Routing
Optimize money transfers swiftly with our advanced routing system for seamless transactions.
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Transparent Fees
Clear and fair pricing, no hidden charges, providing users confidence in financial transactions.
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